Mass Customization in eCommerce

The idea behind mass-customization is to create specific products based on the customer’s needs and to deliver that product quickly. Personalization is where the customer’s preferences are aligned with the products being advertised. Personalization is quite common on Social Media like Facebook or Google. If you mention on FaceBook that you’re thinking about buying a […]

6 Essentials for Landing Pages

I think these pretty much speak for themselves… 6 essentials for your landing page: Provide interesting content Have a compelling name for your page Be clear about who you are and what you can offer Make sure there’s a clear call to action: what do you want the customer to do? Make sure that the […]

Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Keyword Research to Attract Customers

Many people can create a long list of the top keywords manually But the question is: are these the right keywords for your business? You have to choose carefully the terms you are going to use to attract customers and to describe your business to them so they buy. Remember, you only have one shot […]

Reasons to Blog

A recent study by eMarketer shows that 53.5% of Internet users read blogs. That translates into 122 million plus people. Need I say more. Try Rebit 5 Backup Software – Free For 30 Days!

On-Line Video

Advertiser are shifting funding from standard banners and rich media to online video because it’s bringing major benefits to their companies. But they’re still advertising on television making online video a compliment to TV rather than an alternative to it. A study by Brightroll is showing that at least 85% of the ad agencies said […]


Have we changed all that much? Some are claiming a transformation has, or is, taking place in the way that we relate to one another. Perhaps they’re right. The way we create relationships sure seems different. The way we create dialogue with potential clients is changing. The way we deliver messages has most certainly changed. […]

It’s about traffic

Ok, the big question I get from my customers is how can I get more of the right kind of traffic to my website. A very good question. I certainly don’t get someone asking me to lessen the amount of traffic to their website. Here’s what I do to attract more customers: I consistently try to put […]

What I’ve Learned About What Google Loves

As many years as I’ve been developing and programming websites I always realize that what I really love about what I do is…I’m always learning something new and challenging. I’ve been reading Evan Bailyn’s new book “Outsmarting Google” and it’s fantastic. And it validates much of what I tell our customers everyday…to rank high on Google […]

How important is the page one ranking position

In other words, one moment Penney was the most visible online destination for living room furniture in the country. The next it was essentially buried.

How’s that keyword list working for you?

How’s that keyword list working for you?