Nothing ever seems to change, yet nothing remains the same

Article in Sunday NYT’s noted that even with the law and Obama’s rules saying they can’t take a lobbying job, they continue to do so…The Capitol’s Spinning Door Accelerates and Law Doesn’t End Revolving Door. And they wonder why no one believes them at the end of the day.

Then there is Al Qaeda trying to claim they no longer support jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria. Uh Uh, yeah right, I believe ya.

I see that the Democrats are raising more money from fund raising than the Republicans, bu the far right is increasing it’s grip on the GOP by out fundraising the establishment arm of their party…Fund-Raising by G.O.P. Rebels Outpaces Party EstablishmentDemocrats Outraise Republicans Eyeing Congress in 2014 U.S. Race

Some States say they have a budget surplus. And they want to give it back in the form of tax cuts…it’s a safe bet you and I won’t see it. Perhaps they should give it to the people who will most likely produce jobs with it…yeah the middle class. You probably thought I was going to say the wealthy or the poor didn’t ya? Nope, the middle class will spend it on things they need like wash machines or cars, you know, things that produce demand which produces jobs and so on.

I see that California and the western part of the country is running out of water. Watch out Great Lakes…

And what a blow out by Seattle…now if only the other team had bothered to show up it may have been a close game.

There is more snow predicted for Tuesday/Wednesday. Just what we need. Looking at 3″-6″ of the white stuff. I guess that one good thing from all this snow is that it extends our winter freeze which kills all the bad bugs and viruses that affect our plants and vegetables we try to grow every year.

I bought a compost barrel last fall hoping to be able to provide some high quality compost for the raised garden. From what I read this thing was supposed to be able to cook all winter long. Apparently I did something wrong…it’s frozen solid right now. Oh well, I will wait till spring and learn how to do it correctly.

Happy Trails everyone.

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Author: Rich Garling

Successful results-driven experience in IT program/project management, focusing on collaborating with multiple businesses and IT workstreams to define detailed business process requirements into workable enterprise software solutions for retail, finance, pharmaceutical, and inventory processes. A successful proven track record in leading cross-functional international teams of project managers while managing expectations and delivering projects of greater than $10M within stakeholder expectations. Provided an in-depth knowledge of SDLC using Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies (Scrum Master (SMC)), MS IT Management/Project Management (AMU)), and a talent for developing business requirements delivering workable technology solutions. Rich holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Northern Illinois University and a Master of Science in Information Technology/Project Management from American Military University. He is currently a Project Manager III for Bradford Hammacher Group in Niles, IL/