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Artificial Intelligence and Earned Value in Project Management

Two hundred years ago, the industrial revolution changed the way the world produced goods, transported them, and communicated. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new revolution that will be for more impactful than ever imagined. Any tasks that can be codified and programmed into a computer, even the jobs of so-called knowledge workers, such as Project Managers (PM), will be automated. However, has AI had a beneficial impact on Project Management in assisting projects to conclude successfully? This study examines the practical application of AI on Project Management, and whether that impact has been practical. Previous studies show that using AI in conjunction with Earned Value Management (EVM) methods, can add value, but practical applications still have a way to go to meet project needs.
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning, Project Management, Earned Value Management, EVM.

Does Big Data Bring Big Rewards

By Rich Garling January 2018 Abstract There are huge mounds of data being gathered today by a multitude of organizations around the world. Governments, private and public companies, not-for-profit organizations are all gathering data. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated and stored per day. The question does arise as to what to do […]

Information Security – Access Controls

One way of categorizing access controls is defining what they do. There are three different kinds of implementation: administrative, physical, and technical/logical (Peltier, 2013). Administrative controls are the policies and procedures and are useful for dealing with insider threats. Physical controls are security guards, cameras, locks on doors and equipment. Technical controls are the encrypted […]

Information Security & Risk Management

When considering IT security, an organization must judge the level of that security based on the level of risk to the organization. An example would be two organizations with a presence on the Internet. One is a small religious congregation with a simple website used to communicate its mission with parishioners. The other is an […]

Using Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis In Determining Overall Project Risk

Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Qualitative Risk Analysis 5 Quantitative Risk Analysis 11 Aggregate Risk Responses 12 Probability Distributions 13 Monitoring Risks 14 Earned Value Management (EVM) 15 Simulations & Modeling 15 Overall Risk Analysis 16 Conclusion 17 References: 17 Abstract Information and communicating are keys to managing projects to a successful conclusion. Knowing the […]

Starbucks. Netflix and Social Media Marketing

Introduction Today’s post will explore the success of Starbucks and Netflix on the Internet, particularly with Social Media. It will explore why Starbucks puts so much emphasis on social media like Facebook and Twitter and how these sites compare to their homegrown site. The question for Netflix is whether or not the Cinematch search tool […]

Social Commerce & Marketing

Introduction has numerous elements that allow customers to personalize and customize features and products. The question to ask is how effective are the various elements? Do they cause a customer to buy more products? Wal-Mart, too, has similar elements built into the eCommerce (EC) site. Is it effective and will it be a cause […]

eGovernment & Technology

Introduction eGovernment use of technology has grown over the years from using totally internal systems open only to government workers to today’s internet based systems that allow citizens to interact with their government. Government services today allow citizens to pay local utility bills online, pay taxes, and seek out government services to assist with building […]


eGovernment use of technology has grown over the years from using totally internal systems to internet based systems that allow citizens to interact with their government. Online services offered by local governments range from paying water/trash bills to paying taxes to read the minutes from the last board meeting. The government can run survey’s to […]

Mass Customization in eCommerce

The idea behind mass-customization is to create specific products based on the customer’s needs and to deliver that product quickly. Personalization is where the customer’s preferences are aligned with the products being advertised. Personalization is quite common on Social Media like Facebook or Google. If you mention on FaceBook that you’re thinking about buying a […]