I firmly believe in sharing knowledge, asking and answering questions, volunteering information, and that we short-change ourselves and our society when we do not. We can only gain by working together. A clearer understanding equips us to provide a workable solution. Moreover, that knowledge goes to waste when not shared.

I have taught new project managers in a working environment and enjoy sharing what I know about managing projects. There is an order to manage projects no matter the methodology used. Nevertheless, one must include the necessity of being flexible; after all, no project runs perfectly, and knowing how to adjust on the fly is an art. However, to be flexible, a Project manager must understand the process and the system they work with. Each company manages projects differently. In my career, including many years as a contract project manager, I learned to ask many questions. The goal is to complete the project to the customer’s expectations; nothing less will do.

I hope that by sharing the knowledge I have gained from education and experience, I can help benefit future generations in understanding the art of project management in providing the solutions they seek.