Differences Between Business Oriented and Social Oriented Networks

Introduction This paper will discuss the difference between business-oriented networks and enterprise social networks. What makes up a social-networking site and what makes up a business-oriented social networking site and why are they different? Another topic concerns why do organizations need a business continuity plan? Why is it important to determine what business will do […]

eCommerce Security & Payments Systems

It’s funny how the supposed secure RFID chips on credit cards are less secure than the magnetic stripe cards are. According to Chase Bank and American Express, the chips are built with 128-bit encryption and Triple-DES (Data Encryption Standard) protecting the data on the chip. Furthermore, the chips, theoretically, send a unique, single-use code with […]

Starbucks. Netflix and Social Media Marketing

Introduction Today’s post will explore the success of Starbucks and Netflix on the Internet, particularly with Social Media. It will explore why Starbucks puts so much emphasis on social media like Facebook and Twitter and how these sites compare to their homegrown site. The question for Netflix is whether or not the Cinematch search tool […]

Mass Customization in eCommerce

The idea behind mass-customization is to create specific products based on the customer’s needs and to deliver that product quickly. Personalization is where the customer’s preferences are aligned with the products being advertised. Personalization is quite common on Social Media like Facebook or Google. If you mention on FaceBook that you’re thinking about buying a […]

How can Electronic Commerce be a business pressure and an organizational response?

Introduction How can eCommerce (EC) be a business pressure and an organizational response? Has EC somehow lost the human interaction or touch? Why do businesses change their business models in the digital age? How has EC affected dynamic and fixed pricing of products or services? What are the risks of using Web 2.0 tools? These […]

The effects of activity time variance on critical path planning

A Critique of Lanny A. Karns and Lloyd A. Swanson Article “The effects of activity time variance on critical path planning” Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Network Analysis: CPM & PERT Conclusion Abstract Critical Path Method (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) are the two most commonly used networking techniques for defining the […]

6 Essentials for Landing Pages

I think these pretty much speak for themselves… 6 essentials for your landing page: Provide interesting content Have a compelling name for your page Be clear about who you are and what you can offer Make sure there’s a clear call to action: what do you want the customer to do? Make sure that the […]

Small Business Blogging

Last year Michael Bissett and I gave a series of lectures on how the Internet can work for small business at the McHenry Area Chamber of Commerce office. The attached pdf is on how blogging can help your business talk with your customers. I hope it helps. Blogging

Project Management: 42 processes in order

These are the 42 PMBOK processes all in order of occurrence…in a perfect world…my hope is that this compilation helps someone else who is studying for the PMI PMP test. Please let me know if I missed anything. I will be updating this tool as I move along in my studies. I hope this will […]

Using the Internet to Grow Your Business – #10

Online Video – Reach new audiences by posting on video-sharing sites. The best videos tend to be short, about 3 minutes long, and have an offer, such as a free copy of a report or a product discount, to motivate viewers to take action. MobileDemand is one of many small businesses with a YouTube channel […]