Building Project Team

Introduction Starting a new project can be a very interesting experience, and yet it can also be a terrifying experience. Interesting or horrifying depends greatly on your level of experience. The most interesting and challenging part is actually putting the team together. There are many aspects to consider such as: What tasks need to be […]

Earned Value Project Management

Abstract Earned Value Project Management (EVPM) can be used very effectively in a typical software development project. This paper, by examining the process briefly step-by-step, will show how easy and effective the earned value process can be to a project. I am currently applying EVPM to my projects at work so I will be including […]

Project Planning: Improved approach incorporating uncertainty

A Critique of Vahid Khodakarami, Norman E. Fenton, and Martin Neil Article “Project Planning: Improved approach incorporating uncertainty” Table of Contents Abstract Introduction CPM and Uncertainty Bayesian Network Conclusion Abstract Because of the unique nature of projects, there may be uncertainties or differences in the products, services, or results that the project creates. By its […]

Effective Management of Project Change Orders

A Critique of Edward E. Douglas’s Article “Effective Management of Project Change Orders” Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Planning for Change Planning and Design Change during Application Build Closeout Conclusion Abstract Scope is the total sums of all the products/services that are required to complete a project (PMBOK, 2013). But even when the scope has […]

Applying the work breakdown structure to the project management lifecycle

A Critique of Shelly A. Brotherton, PMP Robert T. Fried, PMP Eric S. Norman, PMP, PgMP Article “Applying the work breakdown structure to the project management lifecycle” Table of Contents Abstract Introduction WBS Structure Work Packages Aligning with Scope Going from WBS to Scheduling Conclusion Abstract To some the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can be […]

Risk Management: A Discussion

Having spent over 20 years in project management I have had the opportunity to determine risk in my projects many times over. In some companies I have worked for risk would be identified, analyzed, and a mitigation plan would be created. The risks would be carefully watched and acted upon should it become an issue. […]

WBS Explained

WBS stands for “Work Breakdown Structure”. Simply put, it delineates the work required to complete the project. A WBS makes a Project Managers life easier, and it ensures a complete understanding of the work required to complete the task at hand. A WBS is the delineation of the scope into work packages and activities required […]