5 Ways to Managing Your Time – Some Ideas

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few more hours in your day? Many project managers would love it! Sometimes it feels like you can’t get everything done. What you need to do is manage your time better. Here are some suggestions: 5 Ways To Manage Your Time You’ll get more done in less time! […]

WBS Explained

WBS stands for “Work Breakdown Structure”. Simply put, it delineates the work required to complete the project. A WBS makes a Project Managers life easier, and it ensures a complete understanding of the work required to complete the task at hand. A WBS is the delineation of the scope into work packages and activities required […]

Problems with ACA site

To my friends Hal and Mike, as someone who has worked the industry for many years, I understand the difference in site scalability and know that in software development anything can and will go wrong. That doesn’t explain why they didn’t consider the risk of millions visiting the site nor of the possibility of a […]

Progressive Elaboration

Progressive elaboration can be defined as continuously improving and detailing a plan as more detail and specific information and more accurate estimates become available as the project progresses, and thereby producing more accurate and complete plans that result from successive iterations of the planning process. So, what does that really mean. In practice it basically […]

Controlling Scope

Controlling scope is a process that lives up to it’s title. It’s all about maintaining control by preventing scope change requests from overwhelming the project. I can remember numerous times where because we didn’t maintain control of the change request process we ended up doing work that was outside of the scope of the project […]

Project Management: 42 processes in order

These are the 42 PMBOK processes all in order of occurrence…in a perfect world…my hope is that this compilation helps someone else who is studying for the PMI PMP test. Please let me know if I missed anything. I will be updating this tool as I move along in my studies. I hope this will […]