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eGovernment & Technology

Introduction eGovernment use of technology has grown over the years from using totally internal systems open only to government workers to today’s internet based systems that allow citizens to interact with their government. Government services today allow citizens to pay local utility bills online, pay taxes, and seek out government services to assist with building […]

Antares Rocket Liftoff

I will always be amazed at how we are able to to cause such a huge device to lift off from the surface of the earth and make it fly. This is the epitome of project management… Watch it here. This rocket is set to deliver supplies to the International Space Station.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Starting a Blog Friends and family members often ask me how to start a blog, and I always enjoy explaining the advantages of a blog over a traditional website, but it is a lot of information to take in over dinner. I thought I would document the process to make it easier to understand. Decide […]


Playing around with a Uniden Bearcat BC 100XLT scanner that my girlfriend found sitting amongst a bunch of electronic junk that I keep in a plastic tub. It’s mostly there in case I need something because you never know when you’ll need it. Anyway, she decides to see if it works. She thinks back to […]

Happy Mothers day

A very happy Mothers day to all Moms. My Mother passed away over 15 years ago and I do miss her dearly. May she rest in peace and may I, hopefully, give her something to smile about as she watches over all of her children.

Retail Leads On-Line Ad Spending

Data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PWC show retail, telecom and financial services industry leading the pack with on-line advertising dollars spent in 2009-10. Retail leads them all with spending of $4.53 billion in 2009 and $5.16 billion in 2010. It’s estimated that spending will increase to $9+ billion by 2015. Retail accounts for […]

4 Mile Hike

Walked my usual 4 miles this morning. I find it invigorating exercising daily. I don’t get drowsy come middle afternoon. I actually sleep better at night. My girlfriend says I move around less. She likes that rather than my usual jitters. I have a path laid out at several local county forest preserves. Lake County […]